Dieselgate | Groenen verhogen druk op de Commissie

Twee jaar na het grote dieselschandaal zijn er nog steeds geen maatregelen genomen. Hoogtijd dus dat de Europese Commissie in actie schiet. Het lijkt erop dat de beleidsmakers liever de auto-industrie sparen dan onze gezondheid beschermen. Straks om 15u debatteert het EP hierover. Bas Eikhout neemt het woord voor de Groenen. Kijk gerust mee!


Greens/EFA group puts pressure on Commission to take action 

The European Commission needs to stop dragging its heels on Dieselgate, according to Greens/EFA MEP, Bas Eickhout. The Greens/EFA group has chosen Dieselgate as the subject of its first Topical Debate slot, which will take place at 3pm today (watch here).

Bas Eickhout, who was a member of the European Parliament's Dieselgate inquiry, comments:

"With millions of cars across Europe polluting at an illegal level, the European Commission should be taking bold action to protect public health. Yet two years on from the scandal, the Commission is still dragging its heels. That's why we are calling on them to introduce repair standards for the existing diesel fleet in Europe, which would give Member States a much needed push into action. It is also essential that we have EU-level inspections to ensure compliance with the environmental standards: there's no point in having high standards if they are not being enforced.

"Sadly, too many politicians seem to cling to the idea that strong action on Dieselgate will threaten Europe’s car industry. But in truth it is only a rapid move towards clean technology that can provide the much needed opportunities for industry and jobs."




  • Severe air pollution contributes to more than 400,000 premature deaths in Europe every year, according to figures from the European Environment Agency
  • Transport and Environment has estimated the total number of grossly polluting diesel vehicles in the EU to be 35 million. See their briefing
  • The final report from the European Parliament investigation into Dieselgate was passed by MEPs in April


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