Persoverzicht Tsjetsjenië - januari 2017
9 januari 2017

Journalist accuses Chechen parliament speaker of issuing threats: Reportedly, the chief editor of the 'Caucasian Knot' online edition Grigory Shvedov intends to ask the Investigative Committee to check remarks made by Chechen parliament speaker Magomed Daudov on his Instagram account. Shvedov views Daudov's statements as a threat. (Kommersant)

12 januari 2017

Four militants killed in Chechnya: Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on Wednesday that four militants had been killed in an operation in Chechnya. Kadyrov said that the militants who were killed had links to the Islamic State terrorist organization [banned in Russia]. Two servicemen of the Russian National Guard were killed in the clash. (Gazeta.ru)

13 januari 2017

Russia scales down military presence in Syria – military: Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov has dismissed reports alleging that Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria. He said that six Sukhoi Su-24M bombers had been relocated from Hmeimim airbase in Syria to Russia and added that four Sukhoi Su-25SM attack planes had been deployed to Hmeimim airbase in the framework of a "planned rotation." Meanwhile, Novaya Gazeta claims that Russian servicemen may take part in ground operations in Syria. The newspaper refers to booklets distributed among servicemen of the Chechnya-based 'Sever' ('North') battalion, which is now part of the 46th separate brigade of operative purpose of the Federal Service of National Guard Troops, on recommendations to servicemen fulfilling tasks in the Syrian Arab Republic. (ii) Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports on fierce fighting in Wadi Barada near Damascus, and points out that more than 5 million people in Damascus have been left without water for more than three weeks. (Kommersant, NG, Novaya Gazeta, RG; see also editorial lines)

Large-scale security operation in Chechnya: Novaya Gazeta reports that a large-scale counterterrorist operation was conducted by National Guard troops and Interior Ministry officers in Chechnya's Kurchaloi district, as well as in Grozny, Shali and Argun on 9-11 January. Chechnya's head Ramzan Kadyrov led the operation. Reportedly, more than 20 people were detained. Earlier, Kadyrov said that four militants had been killed in the operation in the Kurchaloi district on 11 January. One suspected militant was detained. Two servicemen of the National Guard have been killed. (Gazeta.ru, Kommersant, Novaya Gazeta)

16 januari 2017

More than 50 militants detained in large-scale counterterrorist operation in North Caucasus: Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on Sunday that more than 50 suspected militants had been detained in the framework of a counterterrorist operation. He also said that a militant, who received orders from ISIL [banned in Russia] and who earlier escaped during the operation in Chechnya's Kurchaloi district, has been detained. (Gazeta.ru, TASS; Rossiya 1)

18 januari 2017

Nemtsov murder case: Alibek Delimkhanov, the brother of Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov and a relative of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, was questioned in the Moscow district military court in the case over the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. One of the defendants in the case, a former serviceman of the 'Sever' battalion Zaur Dadayev, was under command of Alibek Delimkhanov. (MK, Novaya Gazeta)

20 januari 2017

Russia's spatial development strategy: The Economic Ministry has prepared a draft Strategy of spatial development of Russia up to 2030, which aims to alleviate serious regional development and demographic problems. Changes of Russia's special structure since 1990 have led to an increase in the economic role of the country's Western regions at the expense of its Eastern regions (except extraction of minerals). The priority now should be given to the development of the strategically important regions – Russia's Far East and Arctic zone, the North Caucasus, Kaliningrad region, Crimea and Sevastopol. Macro-regions should also be formed. (Izvestia)

26 januari 2017

Russia's Southern Military District to be reinforced: Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said on Wednesday that the Southern Military District would be reinforced in connection with the situation in Ukraine's south-east and a terrorist threat in the North Caucasus. (MK, RG)

30 januari 2017

Two law enforcement officers, three militants killed in Chechnya: Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov said that three militants had been killed in an operation in the Chechen town of Shali. Two police officers were killed and two local residents were wounded in the operation. Reportedly, the group of militants was directed by a native of Chechnya who joined the Islamic State terrorist group [banned in Russia]. In a separate operation, three militants were killed on Sunday in the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt. (ii) Novaya Gazeta reports on an investigation of an attempt on the life of Ramzan Kadyrov in spring 2016. (TASS, Vedomosti.ru, Novaya Gazeta)

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