Palestina: EU moet akkoord tussen Hamas en Fatah ondersteunen (Engelstalig)

EU should support reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas

At a meeting with members of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Ramallah, the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council was informed of the draft reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas. Speaking from Ramallah, delegation member and Green MEP Margrete Auken welcomed the agreement, saying:

"This breakthrough will hopefully pave the way for a more consensual politics and ultimately a unity government in Palestine and the EU should welcome and give support to ensure its potential is fully realised. The agreement will hopefully lead to new elections. The EU must respect the outcome of any democratic elections and not repeat its gross error following the 2006 elections and the consequences this had for the Palestinian people and stability in the region, as well as the EU's credibility."

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